The World on a Roll

One toilet paper roll with over one hundred cities sketched on it (using ink and water color ) during these tough times that we are all going through together. literally.

Whoever knows me is probably familiar with my love for sketching on all sorts of tissue papers in general, and I've always wanted to start this project on a Toilet paper roll but never really had enough motivation nor time. with the current shitty situation and the lockdowns all over the world, I found myself grabbing one and just starting it, one city at a time as a symbol of the whole world's situation facing the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It was a very therapeutic process I would say during lockdown days, and definitely tested my patience at points, but mainly... it gave me the chance to virtually explore cities all over the world.

I will be sharing a longer unedited version of this video soon in which it will be rolling slowly so you can have a better look at the cities included.

Please be patient as it will take a bit of time for the video to load,

Hope you like it!

Video and music by my friend Bobby Henebry of @Chordsavvy